8 Effective Yoga Asanas to keep Your Bones Healthy

Did you recognize that some easy yoga asanas will help you strengthen your bones? As unimaginable because it may sound, it’s quite true! Yoga will help cure several ailments, and promotes and stimulates several necessary physiological processes. Yoga conjointly helps calm the mind.

However, what we would like to hesitate here is how yoga will help you get stronger bones and what asanas promote better bone health.

So, would you prefer to understand more? go ahead with your read!

Bone Decline:

Bone is that the living tissue that’s perpetually counteracted and engineered up, that is what affects its density. Whereas generally the balance is perfect, in some instances the deterioration is quite the betterment, and pathology becomes inevitable.

Bone loss is as inevitable as aging. Men and girls acquire the most bone mass by the age of thirty. Once you’re thirty, your bone density declines. Noted Yoga educator Sara Meeks says, “Osteoporosis is that the malady of denial”. She adds that the majority individuals don’t wish to admit it, however they’re afflicted with pathology as they reach their mid-40s.

Yoga for Bone Health:

Now that you just know how bone density withers and the way you contract osteoporosis, let’s move to the main point. What kind of yoga poses help you get stronger bones? Well, listed here are some inspired asanas designed to do simply that. Check them out!

  1. Extended Triangle pose (Trikonasana):

This pose is one among the best to perform and has several advantages. This position conjointly helps enhance spine flexibility and relieves gastritis as well. Trikonasana helps stretching the complete body gently, whereas helping strengthen the lower body and the bones.

  1. Tree pose (Vriksasana):

This is one among the most iconic yoga poses for strong bones. It’s insanely popular, beaten solely by the Padmasana as the flag bearer for yoga illustrations. Holding this pose for one minute can help you get stronger bones, whereas also stretching the important muscle groups and calming your mind.

  1. Bridge pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana):

This is another posture that’s therapeutic for osteoporosis and helps stretch the back, chest and neck. For best results, stay in the same pose for a minimum of one minute to stretch the chest and spine. If you would like more support, think about putting a block beneath your back.

  1. Revolved Triangle pose (Parivrtta Trikonasana):

This is another good pose for you if you would like stronger bones. The twisting poses help avoid fractures and help stimulate bone production. The stretching movement helps build the bones.

  1. Seated Twisting pose (Ardha Matsyendrāsana):

This is one among the most effective poses in yoga for healthy bones. This pose puts pressure on the spine. It also helps to stimulate bone production and is exceptionally efficient in helping relax the back and neck, whereas helping promote bone health. Milder twists help stretch the back and put little pressure to the vertebrae.

  1. Extended side Angle pose (Utthita Parsvakonasana):

This is another good yoga pose to help you strengthen the bones. This pose stretches your sides while helping you get stronger bones. You’ll practice the utthita parsvakonasana either by keeping your hand on the floor or keeping your forearm on your knee.

  1. Locust pose (Salabhasana):

The locust pose is a great exercise for the back and the legs. It also helps strengthen your bones. To perform this pose, begin by raising your legs and the upper trunk. Hold this cause for ten seconds and repeat it thrice. The locust pose also helps relieve you of back pain.

  1. Half Moon pose (Ardha Chandrasana):

Last posture on our list, but certainly not the least effective in any aspect; this pose helps tone the legs, abdomen, spine and glutes. It helps to cure osteoporotic pain and helps strengthen the bones. You’ll use a block for any variations to the normal pose.

Have you ever tried Yoga for bone health? So, the next time you start worrying about your bones getting weak, attempt some of these poses. Practicing them each day will help delay the onset of bone density loss

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