6 Partner Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Relationship

The basic definition of yoga, coincidently, means union. Relationships, very similar to yoga, are a practice that constantly unfolds before our eyes. We learn, we modify and we grow.

It is when the mind, body, and spirit unite that we feel this progression inside each yoga and our relationship. To deepen our practices in each, we should open our minds to new feelings, thoughts, and actions.

In a nowadays where we are so technologically based, it is additionally vital that we continue to have true, human-based connections, like the essence of touch. Grab your beloved and check out these six partner yoga moves to deepen the connection the 2 of you share. Realize a sense of safety, trust, laughter, playfulness and unconditional love.

Here are six partner yoga poses that are guaranteed to strengthen your relationship:

  1. Seated Spinal Twist

These twisting postures work to detoxify the body, aid in digestion and promote a healthy spine and back. In a seated spinal twist, you’re employed to lengthen the space between your vertebrae to promote energy. When we slump, our energy levels drop, which may affect our mood and how we communicate with others emotionally.

Relationship Benefits: to find a positive flow in life and together with your partner, you want to initial free the body of unwanted blockage. Stepping into this posture along with your partner makes for a good deeper twist, ringing each body clean of toxins and making space together.

  1. Boat Pose

This pose is all about strengthening the core. Your core strength is vital for the rest of your body to thrive since it connects our higher and lower body. It also homes your vital organs and protects your nervous system.

Relationship Benefits: we should also strengthen our emotional core to market an atmosphere of positivism, connectivity, and innermost well-being. Performing this pose with your beloved permits you to work even harder as you straighten your legs and body, press the soles of your feet into every other’s and build a line of powerful energy throughout your bodies. Elongating your arms to interlock along with your partner’s can offer you a stretch from your shoulders to your fingertips.

  1. Tree Pose

Balancing postures need lots of grounding and focus the mind and spirit to permit the body to become still. Tree pose symbolizes the roots of our nature. We stand tall in the world by connecting to that which holds us up. Many variations of this posture work to further deepen that concept of connection.

Relationship Benefits: In relationships, each individual must participate equally to take care of balance, and same goes for double tree pose. To make it work, each individual should press their hips equally into one another. You’ll be able to wrap your arms around each other’s waists and bring your palms along in a prayer position to express your connection and trust for each other.

  1. Warrior one pose

Warrior poses require an equal quantity of energy to be distributed between our front and back legs. We produce a force field of energy from our heels and our toes all the way up to our fingertips. Warrior one opens the hips to release negative, unwanted emotions bogging us down, while our lifted arms raise our spirits.

Relationship Benefits: In this, you and your partner can experience a juicy heart opener that expands your line of compassion to each other. Dropping your head back to relax your neck permits the ego to surrender. Holding hands connects the line of energy between the 2 of you, and promotes a good deeper connection as you inhale and exhale slow and controlled.

  1. Ragdoll pose

Letting go to go deeper in life and in yoga can be tough when our ego gets in the way. Yoga instructors constantly remind their students to release their neck and head and use their breath to permit them to fold further into the earth.

Relationship Benefits: With the help of this pose, you get to experience that release together, using each other’s bodies to stretch deeper. Poses, where you can check out each other’s eyes, are very powerful, and with this one, you get a shift in perspective of the planet and your partner.

  1. Double Child’s pose

Child’s pose is a restorative, resting posture that helps us surrender both physically and mentally. It strengthens the body and calms the mind.

Relationship Benefits: Restore you relationship and permit yourself to melt into your partner. This pose is a good finish to a partner yoga session.

Because the essence of a connection is at the idea of both relationships and yoga, it only makes sense that combining the 2 provides a good manner for couples to deepen their relationships and their yoga discipline. Together, you can get into positions where respiration and moving along is important. This union can help you better communicate with each other by using words of encouragement and expressions of trust.

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